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High-Volume Hairstyles Ideas

If you turn up the body and volume of your hair, you can get a more charming and modern look. Creating some volume can change your usual look at once. With the body and volume, you can kiss goodbye with the drab and lifeless style and enjoy the modern and cool style. You can upgrade your style by getting some insight and inspiration from the fantastic and fabulous volume hairstyles. If your hair is not long enough, you can use the hair extension ideas to help get the dainty and luscious volume styles.

High Volume Haircuts
High Volume Haircuts

There are a lot of hairstyling tools and products, which can help you to try out the various kinds of hair styles which are featured by a high amount of hair volume, so it is not hard to get smashing looking hair.

You can create volume on nearly all kinds of hair. The longer your hair is, the easier the step will be.

High-Volume Hairstyles High-Volume Hairstyles

Hair layers can surly help you a lot and you can adapt the hair layers to meet your requirements. The shorter the layers are, the more hair volume you will get. However, you’d better know that there is a fine difference between gorgeous hair volume and a hair disaster. To get your desired effect, you can ask a professional hairdresser to help you create the suitable and proper layers for your hair. (more…)

Tousled in Halle Berry’s Hairstyle

Halle Berry Pixie HairstyleNot only a talented actress and beautiful woman, Halle Berry is also one of the most prominent trendsetters of the last decade. She sported many different hairstyles, curly and wavy, as well as sleek and straight, different lengths and cuts. But she will be remembered most of all for her short, pixie haircuts, which proved that Afro-textured hair can go well with short cuts. Get inspired by Halle Berry hairstyles, read through this instruction and learn how to recreate Halle Berry’s hot and trendy tousled (a messy pixie cut), which she sported in 2011.
After washing your hair apply styling foam. Use as much as you need to cover your whole head with a thin layer of the foam. Comb your hair to distribute the foam evenly and make your hair really flat and sleek. Use a wrap cap – a kind of net, which holds your hair tightly – and wrap it around your head. You can now blow-dry your hair.
When your hair is dry use flat iron to straighten your hair at the top of your head. Start from the top and move forward, styling section after section. Try to lift the sections up and lay one on another to create messy look. Finish styling with combing your hair, but remember to always wait until your hair cools down after straightening.

Halle Berry Hairstyles 2012Now style the sides of the head, creating inward curls on the hair ends to beautifully frame your face and shape your hairstyle. If you have small bangs you can flip them up as well. For finishing touches you can use small amount of gel or pomade to style the sides of the head and keep them sleek. You can also apply glue or wax to your tousled to hold the styling. Use your fingers to touch up the curls and flips. try on Halle Berry Hairstyle.

Halle Berry Pixie Hairstyles

Formal Updos

Formal Updos 2012When you’re looking for something different, yet still elegant, heading back to your roots (no pun intended) is one great way to spice up your formal updos. Old fashioned formal updos have a certain elegance that a lot of hairstyles nowadays just can’t beat. So here are a few tips, tricks, and hairstyles that you can try!

Formal Updos Tips

First of all, you’ll need products. Look into products used in the olden days and see what you can replicate with other, more modern products. If you have a family member who is familiar with old fashioned formal updos, give him or her a ring and see what they know and what they can explain to you. It might even be worth a trip!

Next, try and find as much information as you possibly can on certain updos—and practice, practice, practice! You wouldn’t believe how much it’ll help you if you just practice the hairstyles that you’re planning on doing!

A lot of older formal updos also had a lot of teasing involved—learn how to tease your hair effectively.

Formal Updos Tricks

As for the tricks, while teasing your hair for any hairstyles, try spraying, letting dry, and then re-spraying after teasing the hair that you plan on teasing. This helps you to hold volume longer.

As for bangs—to keep them sleek and shiny, use just a little bit of non-hardening gel. You’ll need maybe one fourth of a dime of gel to do this.

Don’t straighten your hair—most people in the 20th century WANTED curls. Unless you’re going for a straight hairstyle, then try and leave your hair unstraightened or curl it slightly. Make sure to use a heat protectant.

Formal Updos Hairstyles

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